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Ivory Circle

Ivory Circle's five-song debut EP, Entropy, was a poignant and heartfelt effort that showcased Connie Hong's strong songwriting skills while also demonstrating the dynamism of her vocals, which can be wispy and delicate at times and quite powerful at others. Equilateral, the first of a three-EP series to be released, is a much more ambitious and expansive effort, thanks in part to the fact that Hong now has a full band. She and multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Beeble, who also played on Entropy, are joined by guitarist Sean Palmer, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Spencer, and drummer Rob Spradling, whose thundering tom beats fuel the sprawling opener, "Beat the Drum." A string section accents "Abandoned," while Hong sounds like Florence Welch fronting Muse on the far-reaching "We Will Run."