Moore Shakespeare, Please

Christopher Moore is one of those rare authors who can charm people who don’t particularly enjoy reading. His whimsical, irreverent style has been applied to vampires and demon lizards and even the story of Jesus Christ. In fact, one of Moore’s signature traits is his ability to take a well-known tale, like that of Jesus, and flip it on its side, showing his audience an angle of the story that they’d never find on their own.

That’s what he’s done with his latest novel, The Serpent of Venice, which picks up where another Moore book, Fool, left off. In Fool, we were introduced to Pocket of Dog Snogging, King Lear’s court jester and the wisest person in that particular monarch’s hive of workers. In The Serpent of Venice, Pocket is working for the Queen of England as a sort of ambassador, and Moore takes on Shakespeare’s merchant just as he skewered the playwright’s king figure in Fool. There’s the typical Moore playfulness applied to Shakespeare’s brilliance — enhanced, of course, by an entirely appropriate sea monster or two.

Moore will sign The Serpent of Venice tonight at the Tattered Cover, 9315 Dorchester Street in Highlands Ranch, at 7:30 p.m. Call 303-470-7050 or visit
Fri., April 25, 7:30 p.m., 2014