Acting Out

“The moment I saw one of the rehearsals of the Romero troupe, I knew it was a project I wanted to be involved with,” says anthropologist Michael Kilman, director of the feature documentary film Unbound: The Story of the Romero Theater Troupe, which premieres tonight at Su Teatro. “What they do is take serious issues that people experience in their daily lives and issues that have been ignored in historical narratives and textbooks, and they put them on stage.”

Kilman brought an anthropologist’s eye to documenting the left-leaning, creative resistance of the non-professional, non-scripted theater group. “The film is more about looking at a community that surrounds some kind of art form and uses art as a means to address serious issues. It’s a very proactive art, and the film highlights a different kind of activism. We don’t have to be sign-wavers; we don’t have to be protestors. There are other ways we can resist and address serious community issues,” he says.

Join Kilman in celebrating the completion of Unbound at tonight’s premiere at Su Teatro, 712 Santa Fe Drive, at 7 p.m. The suggested donation for entry is $5 to $15. For more information, call 720-648-9243 or visit the event’s Facebook page.
Sat., April 26, 7 p.m., 2014