Reader: "Captain Kill-Joy" Makes a Visit to the 88 Drive-In

"One fish, two fish," Melanie Asmar, August 7

Something's Fishy

Excellent story by Melanie Asmar that shows how foolish our endangered-species programs can be. Now that she's debunked the story of the greenback cutthroat trout, can you please have her follow that damn jumping mouse?
Adam Roark

The native American tribes told them about that years ago.
Susanne Houston Nash
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Smoking too much weed, Colorado.
Kevin Lawson
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"Curtain Call," Off Limits, August 7

Roll 'Em

It would be very sad for Denver to lose its last drive-in; I have gone there for years, and never thought traffic was a problem. I hope Susan Kochevar is able to work things out with the police in Commerce City. And then I'll be the first to donate to the campaign for her digital projection system!
Rae Vigil

If they take away the last icon of the past, I will do no business in Commerce City.
Brandon Moana
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And with that, you can officially usher in the era of "Captain Kill-Joy," which has now reached full-strength across not only our cities and states, but the entire nation.
Chris Johnson
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Wait, Denver has a drive-in?!! I've been missing out.
Lisa Krassow
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Shut it down, and then rebuild another with more and better screens! My drive-in in my hometown was the shit. A lot more people could go, and traffic was never backed up.
Breeanna Back
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"West Side Story," Michael Paglia July 24

Making Their Mark

After reading Michael Paglia's review of Outside in 303, I hurried to see the show. Excellent work. Thank you.
Jerry Segal

Now, this is journalism and an article worth my time! More of this stuff, please.
Sarah Solomon
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Well, I'm sure there are people who don't have time to go search for graffiti on the streets. Art is art.
Micki Yankton
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