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Mayan Manjar Yucateco Is a Knockout

While we were waiting for our food at Mayan Manjar Yucateco, we glanced at the single television screen in the tiny Lakewood spot. It was playing a Spanish version of Rocky: an underdog movie in an underdog restaurant. And like Rocky Balboa, Mayan Manjar Yucateco, which moved into the former home of Maria Empanada this spring -- is a real contender. Owned by Yucatan-born brothers Juan and Isaias Bautista and their wives, it's one of the rare metro-area eateries dedicated to the cuisine of the Yucatán -- specifically, the food the Bautista brothers grew up with. "All the recipes here are like what my grandmother and my mom used to cook at my house," says Juan. And some of them are definite knockouts. Find out which in our review of Mayan Manjar Yucateco, now posted on Cafe Society.