Reed Bruemmer and Richie Tice of Speedwolf on "Denver 666" and having a sense of humor

The members of Speedwolf (due tonight at the Marquis Theater) specialize in brand of no frills metal in the vein of Motorhead and Venom, played with the playful ferocity of a hardcore band.

The guys are not necessarily carrying the torch for that older style of heavy music as much as they're embodying what made it so good in the first place. Without trying to fit any particular subscene, Speedwolf can play metal shows and punk shows with equal ease, and that's because the music does not fit a strict stereotype, and neither do the members.

We recently caught up with singer Reed Bruemmer and drummer Richie Tice and talked about how the band formed, discussed its subsequent trials and tribulations and got some insight into the outfit's notable sense of humor, which is rare in a style of music in which many musicians aren't known for really having one.