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Over the Weekend: Artopia 2010

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As I weaved my way from Bar Standard to Mo's on Saturday, nearly being trampled by some sort of circus act, it hit me: This Artopia thing never stops.

Broadway -- at least the section north of 10th and south of downtown -- was more or less locked down by Westword's annual celebration of art, fashion, music, food, and booze, a sea of blue-bracelet-ed hipsters slipping from one venue to the next.

The thing is so big, it really requires a team effort to recap. Me? I ate cake and vibed to DJ Klaw on the main floor at Vinyl, then moved upstairs to take in some art (some cool, some mind-fuckingly weird).

Later, at Bar Standard, I discovered happy tunes of Flashbulb Fires, and failed to make my kazoo stay in tune with the People's Kazoo Orchestra.

Down the street, at City Hall, I ate cheesesteak(s) and pizza and watched the Rouge's saucy frontman melt the pants right off of more or less every woman in attendance.

Sadly, I missed the presentation of our MasterMind Awards at the Living Room. Any party with giant checks is fine by me though.

But I am just one-fourth of one man. We want to hear what others thought of Artopia. So: Leave your comments below, and take in these reviews -- positive, negative, and hilarious -- from Twitter.