Sauna's "Glitter Party" video premieres on Stereogum

It probably came as a surprise to everyone but those in the inner circles of the Sauna camp that the band's new video for "Glitter Party" premiered on Stereogum. Not because the charming quartet doesn't have a knack for charmingly upbeat pop songs that should be out in the big wide world for everyone to hear, but because until recently, Sauna, comprising a group of high school upstarts, was a completely underground phenomenon that a lot of us got to see from its debut show through its subsequent evolution as a band.

Last month, the band sent out a kind of casting call for a music video it was filming at Rhinoceropolis that it then had to cancel when the band and video crew scouted out the location. "We realized," says guitarist CJ Macleod, "when we were in the front room at Rhino, that it probably wouldn't be the easiest thing to do have a crew filming and having people right there having to move out of the way."

The film crew was the local video production team of Locker Partners, who hooked up with the band through its manager Chris Fowke. The Partners worked with the band on the idea of the video with props and pre-production in mind. "The whole concept," Macleod explains, "is kind of preparing for a party, and I guess the glitter party follows after the video ends."

As to how the video made its way to Stereogum: The band is currently working with PR firm that evidently has connections in the blogosphere. "I got a text from Chris yesterday," Macleod relates, "just asking how we'd feel about a Stereogum premier?"

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