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Tupac hologram tour: Dr. Dre says not so fast. "It was strictly for Coachella. Get it right."

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Okay, so now we have it straight from the doctor's mouth: Contrary to an item in the Wall Street Journal last week citing "a person familiar with the discussions" claiming that representatives of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were intending to discuss logistics for an impending tour featuring the so-called Tupac hologram, Dr. Dre himself, though Interscope, his label, filmed a message last night backstage at Coachella essentially debunking such an assertion. "I want to get rid of all the rumors out there," he says. "This was not done for a tour. If a tour happens, we'll see. This was done strictly for Coachella 2012, baby, just for you." Page down to see the clip.

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