Ben Harper to play Obama rally in Civic Center Park on Saturday

Break out your aero-dynamic panties, ladies. The Obama campaign just announced that singer-songwriter Ben Harper will play "a few songs" at a rally in Civic Center Park on Saturday, to encourage people to vote for Barack Obama. Opening odds that someone shouts out "Burn One Down" at a highly inappropriate time: 1:5.

(Obama won't be there Saturday, but he will be in that park for a rally on Sunday).

Harper will perform at noon. The rally will run from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m., after which everyone will go home, pop in Fight For Your Mind, smoke a bowl and forget everything that was said. God Bless America.

After the Denver rally, Harper will join actors Laura Dern and Zach Braff for a 2 p.m. event at CU Boulder's Mary Rippon Theatre. (Choir, meet preachers). This is cool only because it allows me to reprise the funniest fake newspaper headline ever, from the TV show American Dad: ZACH BRAFF MANIA SWEEPS ZACH BRAFF'S APARTMENT.

Anyway, yeah, the rally. See you there. -- Joe Tone