Tonight: 3 Kings Tavern and hi-dive double bill

Okay, so here's an idea that's completely rad and long overdue: This evening, 3 Kings Tavern and the hi-dive have two absolutely splendid bills -- the kind in which you wish you could split yourself in two and be at both places at once. We've got some great news: You can now you can be at both spots. Not at once, of course (what do think this is, like, the future or something? Look outside, sport. Do you see flying cars?)

Anyhow, here's the next best thing: If you go to one bar and get a stamp, you'll get two bucks off the cover at the other joint, and the bands --- Git Some, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, The Fire Drills and Cannons at 3 Kings and TREES, Eolian, Wire Faces, Ghosts Of Glaciers at the hi-dive -- are going to be staggered so you can see them all.