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Tonight: The Swayback video release and "Die Finks" 7-inch release party

The Swayback boys stopped by earlier this week with a freshly minted copy of their new "Die Finks" 7-inch. Man, does it sound swell. It should. The legendary Andy Johns recorded the doggone thing. "I've always wanted to press vinyl for the Swayback," Eric Halborg told us. "And with the Andy Johns stuff, I knew we just had to."

Good call. The "Die Finks" track has come a long way since Halborg first sent over a demo of the song just before the last presidential election. Completely disillusioned and angry with the former illustration like many Americans at the time, Halborg penned an ode to his frustration. Halborg eventually worked out a version with the band and recorded it with Johns.

The other Johns sessions are finally slated to surface sometime later this year, also on vinyl, strictly. In the meantime, the Swayback is generating a healthy West Coast buzz with a series of well received performances in LA, including one at the Viper Room (check out the picture below of guitarist Bill Murphy climbing onto the roof of the place to fix the marquee) attended by Kerry King.

With that on the horizon, and a new 7-inch and brand new video directed Tyler Ford and Robert Fraser, Halborg and company should have a full head of steam when they take the stage tonight. BTW, we got an advance peek at the new video, which is premiering tonight, and it's all kinds of cool.

As if you don't have enough incentive to make it out to the show tonight -- what with seeing the new clip and picking up one of these little beauties (above), of which there's only 500 copies -- Dust on the Breakers, Sympathy F, Le Divorce and DJ Mike Howard are all also on this bill, making it an absolute can't miss.