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The Giraffes at Larimer Lounge

Photo: Jon Solomon

The Giraffes Larimer Lounge Saturday, November 8, 2008 Better than: the last two times I've seen the Giraffes.

It starts off fairly tame for a Giraffes show. A few people throwing ice cubes at singer at singer Aaron Lazar. A few songs later, it's plastic cups filled with drinks. Halfway through the set, somebody pegs Lazar with some shit that looks hell of a lot like strawberry pie. Dude has strawberry preserves running the down the side of his right shirt, on his hands and on his head.

Lazar is smiling though it all, his shirt completely drenched with all sorts of liquids and various things the amped-up folks in the audience have been throwing at him, including a glob of custard and Asian take-out. He's got noodles and shredded carrots stuck to his shirt.

And somewhere within all that madness, Lazar puts a cigarette on his forearm. He did that when the band played a Monolith a month and a half ago, and judging from the Band-Aids on his left forearm, he's into that kind of thing.

Photo: Jon Solomon

Sure, all that insanity was cool and all, but it was the music, man, where these guys absolutely killed it. The guys blasted through most of their new album, Prime Motivator, which is just as adrenaline-infused as their shows. They got the energy surging early on with "Smoke Machine," "Done" and "Prime Motivator," and kept it spiking throughout the whole set. Near the end of the show, a bunch of gals jumped on stage and a blonde gal held a microphone in her mouth while Lazar sang into it.

Photo: Jon Solomon

After the whirlwind subsided, plastic cups, bottles, cans, fortune cookies, noodles, carrots, custard and globs of strawberry preserves were scattered all over the stage. While they might have left a trail of shit behind, it was one of those shows that will probably stick in a lot of heads long after that stage was cleaned.

- Jon Solomon

Critic's Notebook Personal bias: The guys once again blew the lid off of the Larimer. Random notes: I don't think I've seen more shit ever thrown at a band before. By the way: The Giraffes' new album, Prime Motivator, hits the stores tomorrow, November 11.