Hey, DJ! Q&A with Tyler "Danger" Jacobson

Every Friday we spotlight the hottest cats (and kittens) behind the decks in the MHC, grilling them to gain some insight on what it takes, exactly, to get the party rocking, to find out about their most treasured crate digging experiences and what they really think when we stumble up to them half cocked and ask them to play that new song by such and such -- you know, the one that goes...

This week: Tyler "Danger" Jacobson. A co-founder and longtime Lipgloss resident, Jacobson considered himself retired after walking away from the wildly popular night he helped launch. But like Michael Jordan and Eminem, he just couldn't stay away from the game and has returned with a brand new night called SPLIT!, which makes its worldwide debut tomorrow night at Paris Wine Bar on Platte Street. Jacobson, co-host of the Danger Radio podcast, is an opinionated bugger. He cautions that his new night is not meant for those "graduating from Radio Disney," as he puts it. "We don't want to be responsible for filling the dancefloor, if the dancefloor is filled with Timberlake and Metro Station fans."

Name: Tyler "Danger" Jacobson

Club night(s): SPLIT!

Style(s) of music you spin: American, British and Swedish indie, post-punk, Madchester, Brit pop, C86, Shoegaze, Soul

So what's your story, in 100 words or less? I helped found of one of the most popular nights in the history of Denver. Got a radio show on a cool but short lived station, turned the show into a weekly podcast. I've written about music, been in bands and seem to have found my place as a tastemaker. I didn't imagine that I'd start another night in Denver, but enough people were asking for it so here we are.

Name of a track you can't get out of your head: This week it's "Fifteen" by Standard Fare

Name of an artist you're currently championing in your DJ sets: Super Furry Animals will always have a home in my sets. Brakesbrakesbrakes also have a track that everyone needs to hear ("Two Shocks")

What's been your best crate digging experience in another country (if you've had a good one)? Haven't had one... so if you really want an answer to this, I'm open to receiving plane tickets. C'mon, do it! Give the public what they want... they demand an answer to this question! Somewhere grey would be reasonable.

Best club experience In another country (again, if you've had a good one)? I deejayed a decent set up in Boulder once. Does that count?

Musical mantra: "No - I'm not going to play any fucking Michael Jackson!"

Favorite DJ experience: Apparently, Carmen Electra came in while I was deejaying, and requested something completely inappropriate, and I told her no -- which apparently, doesn't happen that often to her. I remember a very pretty woman's friend asking for something ridiculous, but it didn't register that it was Carmen Electra in that flock. Even if it had registered, I wouldn't have played it. There are lots of pretty girls, but it's hard to find one with good taste in music.

Worst request: I've been asked for both "Life Is A Highway" and "Proud To Be An American." Tied for first place.

Worst club faux pas you've committed: Spilling gin and tonic on one of Tim Burgess' 45s. He was a good sport about it.

Most treasured vinyl score: The Velvet Underground & Nico test Acetate. It's not mine, and I've never heard it, but I know it exists, and I'm positive the owner treasures it. That said, I've been known to throw down some hard earned lettuce for a piece of plastic every so often. Nothing stands out immediately, though ... I've got a copy of the Stone Roses Fools Gold on colored vinyl, but what makes it treasured is that Mani (Roses' bass player) signed it when I deejayed with him.

What other music-related projects are you currently working on? The weekly Danger Radio podcast takes up what little music related freetime I have on a weekly basis. It's great to know that hundreds of like-minded music fans around the world are listening to the show. In a world of blogs and all of the smoke being blown up your ass ... you need to have filters that you can rely on. People with opinions that you can trust.

What's something happening in the local music scene that should be getting more attention? Pretty much anything Kurt Ottoway puts his seal of approval on is worth paying attention to (including his band). The man's got impeccable taste. He turned me on to the Hot Congress collective and Gangcharger.

What elements would your fantasy club night entail? It would have to be at the Hacienda in Manchester in 1990. Since that can't happen, I'll work on forging exactly what I want with my night here so someone can reference that in twenty years.

Question we didn't ask you but you often ask yourself: Q: Do you have any more "Tyler refused to play my request buttons?" A: There's a precious handful of them left. Since I've got a new night coming, it may be time to do another run.

Next time we can see you spin: Thanks for asking. This Saturday night at the first night of Split at the Paris Wine Bar (1549 Platte Street). Bring your drinking shoes and appreciate that you're not alone in your love for this type of music.