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Saints, Something Underground and Kinetix spun at local radio. See who else got spins

Here's what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists from a number of different shows including KTCL's Locals Only, 99.5 the Mountain's Homegrown Show, The Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, and The Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.


Regret Night - "Days We Wanted" Crimson Red - "This Is How" Saints - "Guiding Light" Reno Divorce - "How Long's It Been" Airtight Experiment - "Photograph" Skyfox - "Runaway" Politic - "Evicted" Sofo - "Passing Signs" TRE f/Eric Bloomfield - "Same Road" 303 Movement - "Burn It Down" Trampolines - "Turning Around" C4X - "Crash"


Bryon Shaw Projex - "Every Kiss" Elizabeth Rose - "Mercy on Me" Erica Brown Band - "Dyanmite" The Fray - "Some Trust" George's August Brew - "August New" Nina Storey - "Out the Door" The Railbenders - "Whiskey Rain" Rebecca Folsom - "Let's Be Too Much" Something Underground - "Revelation" Rubber Planet - "Girl Named Tomorrow" Starfuzz - "Better Rockets" The Last Seen - "Wherewithal" THE COLORADO SOUND (KRFC) 09.11.10

Kinetix - "Can't Undo" The Congress - "Queen Mary" The Foot. - "Empty Hands" The Fluid - "On My Feet" The Fantastic Zoo - "Midnight Snack" Boenzee Cryque - "Candy Coated Lady" Tequila Mockingbird - "Actual Size" Baily Stauffer and the Katy Janes - "Chasing the Change" Mechanical Dan - "Mississippi" Grant Gordy - "Digging Hargreaves" Danielle Ate the Sandwich - "Two Bedroom Apartment" Gabrielle Louise - "I'll Turn Myself in on Monday" Matt Morris - "Money" Mandy Harvey - "Taking a Chance on Love" Adam Stern - "Twang Shui" Bobby Walker - "Pistol Packin' Mama" After Midnight Jazz Band - "Hallelujah I Love Her So" John McVey - "Lay Your Burden Down" Romano Paoletti - "Can You Canoe" Lois Lane - "I Must Be Going Out of Your Mind" Rebecca Folsom - "Too Hot Blues" Chris Daniels & the Kings - "Depot Street" The Higher Elevation - "Crazy Bicycle" Great American Taxi - "Good Night to Boogie" 30Db - "Susanah" Jay Munly - "A Gentle Man's Jihad" Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams - "Sinners and Saints" The Dominant 7 & The Jazz Arts Messengers - "South Corea"


Politic - "Evicted" Bishop - "Cool Az" Scott Von - "Love Is a Mess" Landing Gear - "Surprise Surprise" Liz Clark - "Not the Point" John Alex-Mason - "Rescue" KanaWormz - "Spirit in the Sky" Paris Luna - "No Good for Me" Restless Heart - "Yesterday's News" Stacia Petrie - "Shine On Out" Rey Feo - "Drive" The Winstons - "Darkness Too Soon"