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Playing bass in the Gamits takes guts, evidently

A big shout-out goes to Gamits bassist Scott Weigel for unwittingly creating one of the more rock-and-roll moments we've witnessed in recent memory.

Toward the end of the Gamits' set this past weekend at night two of Suburban Home Records' fifteenth-anniversary party at 3 Kings Tavern, Weigel -- who had evidently eaten something earlier in the evening that didn't agree with him -- unstrapped his bass in the middle of a song and inexplicably made a beeline for the greenroom.

Before he made it back there, though -- well, let's just say he didn't quite make it back there. Dude ended up screaming at his shoes behind his amp. He then briefly disappeared backstage - where, we're told, he finished hurling -- before he returned to finish the song, adding his crisp harmonies. Gnarly. What a trouper!