The Chain Gang of 1974 takes on "Hold Me Now" by the Thompson Twins for Under the Radar

Fresh off a stint at this year's Lollapalooza, The Chain Gang of 1974 is steadily gaining momentum and garnering tons of attention from every corner of the web. In addition to giving Wayward Fire, the act's latest effort, a seven out of ten rating and listing it amongst its 20 Must-Hear Artists at Lollapalooza, Spin also included several photos of Kamtin Mohager in its post-festival coverage. And yesterday, Under the Radar premiered the band's cover of "Hold Me Now" by the Thompson Twins. Mohager and company's version somehow manages to be faithful to the essence of original while slowing it down considerably and applying some dreampop textures. Have a listen below.

MP3: The Chain Gang of 1974 - "Hold Me Now"