Urban Method's Myke Charles on NBC's Sing-Off and his Fresh Breath Committee status

Mykal Hudson -- better known locally as Myke Charles, or by his previous moniker, Purpose Found, of the Fresh Breath Committee -- is a member of Urban Method, the talented Denver-based a cappella group assembled by Sonic Audio's Tony Huerta and currently vying for the top spot on NBC's Sing-Off. Since the show premiered at the end of September, Urban Method has steadily made its way to the top. And with last night's episode, the outfit secured its place among the final six acts.

Easily wowing the judges with the obvious chemistry between the group's members, Urban Method, taking advantage of his rap virtues and deep vocals, let Charles's star shine on performances of songs like "Love the Way You Lie," by Enimem, and "Can't Get Enough," by the Black Eyed Peas. While it may look easy on stage, Myke says the only easy thing about the process was pulling together the artists to make up the band.

"We made it onto the Sing-Off as a new group, and it really is an extreme condition to be working in," Charles reveals. "Meaning like extreme in the sense that you work about fifteen- to eighteen-hour days and are challenged to be great every day. Not only that, you're with your group 95 percent of the time. So being a new group as we are, there were growing pains. We had to quickly work well together and quickly get to know each other and learn each other's working styles."

Being thrust into a high-intensity environment, however, hasn't hindered the chemistry the singers have developed in order to churn out solid performances. "The chemistry of the group is pretty obvious," Charles observes. "If you look at the very first episode, when we performed 'Love the Way You Lie,' the chemistry between Katie and I is very obvious. We dove into the emotion that that song portrays, and we perform those emotions together."

Working with a large group of artists is not something Charles had to get used to, necessarily. As a member of local rap crew Fresh Breath Committee, blending together different working styles is as much a part of the job as the performances. As of now, Charles is still a member -- albeit a non-performing member of FBC -- and he maintains creative partnerships with Hi-Res and Paul Junior for production and recording.

"While I'm not a performing member of the Fresh Breath Committee, I continue to work with those boys, and I got a lot of love for those guys," Charles says. "I'm especially working with Res and Flawless [Paul Junior] as far as recording and production goes. I'm still a rapper, first and foremost. If you watch the show, I always say that I'm a rapper first."

Charles is currently working on several solo projects, most recently releasing "Hotel Confessions" a couple weeks ago, a track he wrote while in L.A. for Sing-Off. The plan is to release a video this month for the single. As for Urban Method's chances of going all the way, Charles says you'll have to watch the show and find out. "As of right now," he concludes, "I can tell you that last night the show aired and Urban Method made it into the top six out of sixteen."

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