Download Sole's Dispatches from the American Fall to commemorate Occupy Wall Street

Sole has just put together and released a compilation of political material, including three new tracks, one of which, "I Think I'm Ben Bernanke," also comes with a new video. The album's 23 tracks, which include remixes, limited releases, live tracks, guest appearances and more, maintain a clear, economic theme.

Each of the tracks touch on a variety of issues, fluctuating between the anthem "Fuck Wells Fargo," and its clear message, to the slightly more dense "All Tomorrow's Sewers," which deals with the oppressiveness of modern architecture. While the collection details nearly ten years of Sole's career on a variety of labels and releases, it's not so much a best of as it is a cohesive collection of songs revolving around a theme.

Due to the nature of the collection, it's not exactly a pick-me-up of a record. Hearing all these songs about the collapse of the American ecosystem in a row not only increases the weight of Sole's agenda, it also puts a serious downer on any mood you might be, especially with lines like: "Just be happy if you die peacefully," from "Planet Earth."

The heavy-handedness of a lot of the content, which tends to glance at political issues rather than gaze at them, serves as an excellent entry point for Sole's political work with a solid variety of styles that showcases the range he's worked in over the years. The purpose, at least to Sole, is to get the conversation started and be a part of it, and in that case, these songs do just that, even if they kind of bum you out a little in the process. You can grab the whole set for free below, or donate if you'd like.