German kids love krautrock, sexy sailor robot girls and straw hats

Ah, Germany: Strangest of European cultures, home of great beers and lovers of David Hasselhoff. Not to mention, the only possible place in the world, apart from maybe their WWII buddies Japan, where something like today's video could emerge.

Why? Because only in Germany would one think to combine the hypnotic grooves of krautrock (complete with weirdo vocoded vocal section) with chirpy, kiddy pop straight off of Radio Disney.

Not weird enough for you? What if we add in a choreographed robotic dance number by some young girls in sailor suits? And make the band some guys with weird haircuts under their straw hats? And do all this in the early '80s? On a kids show?

Yep, pretty weird. And strangely catchy, too. You'll be humming "Fred vom Jupiter" all day after watching this one. You can thank us later.