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DJ Nutmeg returns to Denver and resumes Lawnchair Lounge residency

Speaking of getting back after it: If you haven't heard yet, DJ Nutmeg -- crowned Best DJ by us in 2004, who picked up stakes and moved to Hawaii the following year -- is back in town, and duder has wasted no time getting back into the, uh, mix.

Tonight at the, ahem, Mix Music Lounge (see what we did there?), our old pal Nutty will be taking his rightful place behind the decks, resuming his residency at the rejuvenated Lawnchair Lounge presented by Ryan Dykstra, who promoted the insanely popular house music night at Rox from 2003 to 2005.

Nutmeg will joined by Tom Phil-E, Guam, Vincent Maniscalco and James Ryan. Admission is free, and they'll be $2 PBRs all evening and $4 wells until midnight.

Welcome back, Nut. We missed ya'.