Lipgloss's ransom note aesthetic kidnaps our heart

The old "cut up magazines and make it look like a ransom note" approach is so old school, it may have existed before there was a school. But it's fallen so far out of favor that when it's occasionally revived, it's hardly fair to call it cliche. Throwback maybe -- or even, you know, classic.

This week's flier resurrects that classic aesthetic and applies it in a simple, straightforward way for this weekend's clash of dance party titans, where there will be blood.

No, wait. Dancing. There will be dancing, not blood.

I guess the whole ransom note thing has got use thinking dark thoughts. Anyway, the ever-popular Lipgloss is joining forces for one night with up-and-comers London Dungeon and something tells us a few asses will be shaken and good times will be had. And we get this cool flier, to remind us of how it was done in the days when all we had was magazines and glue to make our fliers, and we were happy to have that.