Saints tweak their sound on "Dark Country"

Rather enjoying the new song and video from Saints, "Dark Country." Musically, the insistent bass line, the melody and the overall feel of the track sort of recalls Love and Rockets, while the accompanying video looks like something you'd see on the jumbo trons at a Muse show. "Dark Country," recorded at Coupe studios in Boulder with Greg McRae, hints at some notable artistic growth on the part of Saints.

"'Dark Country' is a song that marks a new sound for us," confirms frontman Rob Gault. "And it happened when I began writing from the point of view of a storyteller rather than always trying to come from somewhere personal lyrically. It's a shift away from our other releases. Its actually very Scottish in that it's really a folk song with a moral question/response but very Americana in it's feel I think. All the new music has that crossover dance/guitar feel. We grew up with the Stone Roses and techno music after all.

"The video," adds Gault, "was originally part of our live set up with the TV's where we had videos running in sync with the songs. Dark Country had been getting the best response live, so I thought we could just put my face on top of that video telling the story and make it nice and easy to convert to a music video. The concept of the video was Lewi's; he was going for that dark feeling to match the song and the facelessness of the characters does that for us."

While Saints will eventually start work on a new album at some point, Gault says the plan right now is to continue to explore these recent stylistic tweaks and then present the music is batches of one to two songs every couple of months as they're recorded. If "Dark Country" is any indication of what lies ahead, Gault and company are off to a promising start.