Flier of the Week: Libra at b.side

It's rare to see a flier for a dance-music event that's this elegant and understated. Fliers for what used to be called raves relied heavily on abstract CGI imagery, eye-scorching color schemes and faux-clever drug/pop culture references to grab one's attention. None of that is on display here. Instead we get an almost classical image, repeated in mirrored symmetry, of a nude reclining on a couch. Backing that is some abstract trees and squiggles that put us in mind of Japanese art. The use of text is minimal and unintrusive, highlighting just the date and location of October 16 at b.side in Boulder and saving the lineup (that'd be Les Freres Courvoisier, Brandon Brown, Ivy and Papyrus) and other info for the back of the flier. Combined with a muted color scheme, what you have is an attractive flier that catches the eye and attention without resorting to cheap tricks or seizure-inducing imagery. Bravo, Libra, bravo.