Meet Michael Kiwanuka: "Tell Me a Tale," your soundtrack to fall has officially arrived

"Folks, a star is born." So wrote AEG impresario Don Strasburg this morning on Facebook in reference to Michael Kiwanuka. And, man, I'm here to tell you: There's clearly a reason that Strasburg does what he does for a living. Dude can spot talent from a mile away. Kiwanuka, a 23-year-old British singer-songwriter of Ugandan descent, is simply stunning. Star sounds about right, actually.

Kiwanuka's "Tell Me a Tale" single, released on iTunes this past spring, is the first song that I can recall hearing in quite some time that's literally quieted all the chaos and activity swirling around me and stilled the bullshit of the daily grind to the point where I can think about it how good the tune is and that I want to hear it again. Not surprising that it's having that affect on me, come to find out:

The two artists he's been favorably compared to thus far and whom he indeed resembles at first blush, Van Morrison and Bill Withers, just happen to be among my all time favorites. Check out "Tell Me a Tale" below. Not only is the throwback feel of the accompanying video (seriously, the thing looks like it was shot at Woodstock or something) completely on point, but it's the perfect track to usher in fall. Kudos, Mr. Strasburg.