Top five lost albums we'd like to see released

Love's lost album from 1973, Black Beauty, is finally going to see the light of day when its released in June. The album was their first with a new lineup after Arthur Lee left the band, but the record label went bankrupt before it was ever released. It's certainly not the first time this has happened; there have been plenty of albums never released to the public because they were either terrible or the label went under. We've combed through the legends and the myths to bring five to you we'd still really like to see released someday. 5. Lennon/McCartney - A Toot and a Snore First off, let's be perfectly clear: this is not a good album. However, its historical importance is powerful enough that it would be nice if they released these sessions on some compilation album. Why? Well, it has John Lennon and Paul McCartney together after the Beatles broke up, but it also has Stevie Wonder, Harry Nilsson, and others. They all sound drugged out on cocaine and barely able to construct a song, but it would still be nice if we got at least a nod to this recording's existence. Odds on an official release: 600:1 (unless they remove all references to drugs) 4. Bruce Springsteen - The Ties That Bind We heard snippets of this album when Columbia Records released The Promise: The Darkness On the Edge of Town Story, and several of the songs from the The Ties That Bind sessions ultimately made it onto The River, but they were saddened up a bit. That's because The Ties That Bind was supposed to be a straightforward pop record with short songs, pop hooks and ultimately, a very short LP. Even though we think The River was probably the right choice to make, we can't help but wonder what the more upbeat versions sounded like. Odds on an official release: 60:1 3. Q-Tip - Open Back in 2004, Q-Tip recorded the album Open for J Records, it was supposedly a fusion of hip-hop, jazz and rock -- everything that we've come to expect from him. The label wasn't into it, though, and shelved the album. This was also the story (until two years ago) with his album Kamaal/The Abstract, which was shelved for seven years. Odds on an official release: 10:1 2. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube - Heltah Skeltah This is the ultimate "what could have been" album of all time. We aren't sure how much -- if any -- of this was recorded, but Dr. Dre reportedly left Ice Cube behind when Eminem and 50 Cent popped onto the scene and Dre put all of his attention on them. We've heard from Ice Cube that he'd still be willing to finish off the album with Dr. Dre if he's still interested. Odds on an official release: 5:1 1. Neil Young - Homegrown Neil Young never released Homegrown because it was too "down of an album." Instead, he released Tonight's the Night, which is a pretty down album itself. Several of the tracks from these sessions have been released on other albums, but the record has never been released as a cohesive whole. Seriously, though, if it's more of a bummer than Tonight's the Night, we really need to hear this. Odds on an official release: 2:1