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Denver DIY artists head south for Santa Fe dance party November 13

Hideous Men (who's video for "Tangled" premiered in September) Phonebooks and Hollagramz will join forces with New Mexico-by-way-of-Colorado's Mystic Bummer in Santa Fe on November 13 for a giant show and fall dance party celebration. Hatched by Ryan McRyhew of Hideous Men and the Meow Wolf venue and artist collective in Santa Fe, the event aims to bring a spotlight to the network of DIY communities existing all over the country, especially those just outside Colorado state lines.

"Basically, we don't integrate our neighbors enough," McRyhew points out. "Joe [Annabi] from Yoda's House [Albuquerque] stayed with us recently, and we had a conversation about the amazing things happening in New Mexico right now, and how they are very much akin to Denver's 'amazing-ness.' Why not try to combine those things?"

Considering Santa Fe is just a mini-road trip from the Denver/Boulder area, the idea of locking creative communities together with weekend events seems like a simple concept -- yet it doesn't happen nearly enough.

McRyhew hopes shows like this will bring about a shift, and utilize the connections made to cities like Santa Fe through an alignment of artistic ethos. "It's a cool lineup that is pretty representational of where Denver's electronic/experimental scene is," McRyhew says. "I'm very excited to play down there. There is a unique energy in that city."

The show will also serve as an unofficial release party for Mystic Bummer's latest album, Cock Rock Bottom, out now on McRyhew and creative partner Kristi Schaefer's label, Laser Palace. To get an idea of what the Hideous Men/Laser Palace duo is up to as of late, check out brand new track, "Sirens":