Old-school collage makes a triumphant return trumpeting Hideous Men benefit

Computers are chock full of fancy tools to make the task of designing a flier easy. That earns you extra style points when you take the time to sit down with the scissors, a pile of old magazines and some Elmer's glue to bang up the old-school collage flier (or use Photoshop to make it look like you did, because really, how the hell do we know?).

We assume the unknown designer of this Hideous Men benefit flier used the old ways, but in any case, the overall aesthetic that emerges is quite old-school and that's what really counts. Sure, it's a little messy and a bit cluttered. It's probably not going to earn you an A in your design class, but the end result is a flier you'd stop and notice -- or at least one we would, beacause we did.

We like the hand-drawn lettering, the green/blue palette and the way the chaotic psychedelia vibe really fits well with Hideous Men's music. And the juvenile portion of our brains quite enjoys the fact that the word "Fucktacular" is featured (great band name, dudes!). All told, it's a great package. And for a great cause, too!