The best EDM in Denver this weekend

SAT | ROB PAINE at THE FUSION FACTORY | 2/1/14 Some musicians are such activists for the artistic community in their neck of the woods that their names become part and parcel of the scene in that particular place -- and that's exactly what Rob Paine has done in Philadelphia. His early exposure to reggae and dub sounds contributed to his unique sound, which takes the deep, soulful nature of dub­inspired music and fuses it with the faster pace and more synthetic tunes of house and techno...and Paine's been making those connections since well before "dub" became an electronic­ music buzzword. He's the mastermind behind Worship Recordings, and not only can he spin a set that will captivate a dance floor for hours, but he also produces most of the work that comes out of the Worship house.

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