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Preview the new Tjutjuna disc in its entirety

Is your life sorely lacking mind-bending psych-rock delivered by a band named after Siberia's most famous yeti-like monster? Well then, friend, have we got some kick-ass news for you! Tjutjuna is streaming its brand-new, as-yet-unreleased album for free, and it is awesome.

As you can see, the band's namesake is featured on the cover, sporting a pair of sweet psychedelic sunglasses. And it's a pretty apt image for what you'll find within -- dense, beardy freakout jams glistening with strands of rainbow colored insanity, smiling at you from behind a rock. Or something.

Anyway, it's good and words don't really do it justice. Parts of it sound like a Talking Heads record being played by the Voyager space probe as it flies through the Oort cloud. Then another part sounds like an interlude in Philip K. Dick's favorite Martian piano bar. Other parts of it sound like your mind on drugs, not in a scary fried-egg way, but in a way that makes you ask, "What are you on and how much can I buy?" It's surprising, it's deep, it's fun and it's occasionally even melodic. How can you not dig it?

Don't take our word for it -- have a listen for yourself via the embedded player below. Then head over to Tjutjuna's Bandcamp page to grab an early download for $5 and/or order one of the very limited vinyl pressings for $15.

Tjutjuna S/T LP by firetalk