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KTCL kicks off its Hometown for the Holidays promotion. Deadline to submit next Friday.

It's that time again. Time to start hanging the lights, decking the halls with bells of holly, and rally in a fevered eleventh-hour attempt to even up the Naughty/Nice ratio on Jolly Old Saint Nick's list.

What? Yes, we know it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Relax. We're not trying swag jack the defacto lite rock maestros of the Mile High City by getting our Christmas on before the turkey's even thawed. Just a public service announcement to make you aware that, well, you know, the holidays really are just around the corner.

We know this, of course, because our friends at KTCL have kicked off their Hometown for the Holidays promotion in which they pick ten local acts to play on the radio, narrowed down to three that play the station's annual holiday concert (at Cassleman's this year on Saturday, Decmber 18). Deadline to enter is next Friday, November 19. Click through for details on how to submit your music for consideration.


So you've decided to submit a song for Channel 93.3's Hometown for the Holidays...excellent!

Before you submit your song, please read over the guidelines below. Failure to do so might result in your song being out of the running right from the get-go.

• Can your band even play the show on December 18th?

• If you make the top ten, can you release your song to be included in a compilation CD?

Are you able to promote the contest through your social media sites (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter)?

We're looking for songs to be played on the air on Channel 93.3. So make sure your song is a high-quality studio recording, and ensure that it's a genre that we might play on Channel 93.3.

Only ONE song submission per band. If we receive more than one song from a band, we will delete them ALL, and none of them will be considered. Choose the song you think would work best on Channel 93.3. Make sure your band has agreed on which song to submit, and who is going to submit it. You don't want the singer and drummer each submitting a song, therefore cancelling each other out.

Please make sure the song is in MP3 or M4A format. No WAV files, no OGG files, no WMA files.

Make sure the song is ready for airplay. We will not do a "radio edit" for you. No FCC-unfriendly language, please. If you have any questions about one of your lyrics, feel free to e-mail Alf ([email protected]) and let him know what the lyric is. He'll let you know if it's acceptable or not.

Make sure you send us the full track. For some reason, we've had bands send us 30- second snippets. Don't be one of these bands.

Please rename the song file (Your Band Name) - (Song Title). So if your band is Great Colorado Band, and your song is entitled "Best Song in the World", rename the mp3 Great Colorado Band - Best Song in the World.

• Make sure you have a valid e-mail address where we can contact you.

• Include a contact name and phone number.

• Any other questions before submitting? Contact Alf and let him know.

OK, you've got your song picked out. You've converted it to mp3 or m4a, and you've named it correctly. Now all you have to do is submit it! Go to, and submit the song to [email protected]. Once you submit your song, look for an e-mail from us in the next couple of days confirming your submission. We'll be listening to all the submissions, and on or around December 9th, we'll send you another e-mail to let you know if you made the cut for our Top Ten. The deadline for submissions is 5pm Friday, November 19th. Best of luck to you, and thanks for taking part in Channel 93.3's Hometown for the Holidays '10!