The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls want YOU (to write them an anthem)

Everybody loves a good fight song. You know, a boisterous ditty that makes you want to hoist your beer and rip the other team's face off. The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, Denver's first roller derby league, is looking for a face-ripping song of its own to play at bouts both in Denver and on the road -- and its soliciting local bands to help.

(For inspiration, see Uncle Leon & The Alibis above. For more information on Denver's derby scene, see the Westword feature, "Denver's Roller Derby Rivalry Could Start the Sport Rolling Across the Country.")

Here are the rules of the Rollergirls' anthem contest:

1. The song must be original.

2. Lyrics must include the words "Rocky Mountain Rollergirls" and "R-M-R-G" in some rockin' way. Preferably, the lyrics should be something our FANS can sing with the music as part of skaters' introductions that gets the team and the fans FIRED UP!

3. Leave out skaters' names because the team turns over. It shouldn't have an expiration date.

4. Rock, rap, hip hop, rockabilly, you name the style. No parameters there. JUST ROCK IT OUT!

5. Submit an MP3 to [email protected], along with your band name (or your name), name of the song, and contact information by May 1. The league will host a listening party and choose from among the entries. We would like to spin it this season and during the tournaments.

The winner will receive publicity, T-shirts and free bout tickets.

So there you have it. If you need even more inspiration, see Jim Croce. But if I were you, Denver-area bands, I'd refrain from calling the Rollergirls "'fridgerators with heads."