Charly "The City Mouse" Fasano celebrates the holidays by giving three albums out for free

Until now, Charly Fasano's stories and poems have been available on cassette and CD on Fast Geek Press. Recently, though, he's made his catalogue available on Bandcamp for free, through January 20. What you'll get is three albums of nearly Bukowski-esque narratives about the city of Denver, accompanied by some of Denver's finest musicians, including Red Cloud West, Drag the River and Magic Cyclops, plus choice imports like Lucero.

The musical accompaniment works well with Fasano's stories, which, under certain pretenses, might sound like poetry at first, but better resemble stream-of-consciousness narratives filled with more climaxes than a Michael Bay movie.

Fasano has a knack for the absurd, including lines like, "I stepped in dog shit seven years in a row," and "A guy wearing a crushed shirt and playing video trivia looks at everyone like he wants to Xerox their asses." He ruminates on life in Denver on tracks like "Bar Bar Anthology," which captures the infamous bar in a way that manages to pay tribute to it while scrutinizing the complete chaos usually prevalent there.

It's well worth the price of admission to let Fasano take you along on his various travels, which include trips to Missouri, Orlando and other seemingly random spots. By the end of the three discs, you'll feel like you've had a tour of Denver's underbelly filtered through Fasano's beer-soaked brain. You'll also be able to pick up a brand-new cassette -- yes, cassette -- from Fasano in January.