Jeffrey Minter drops the pseudonyms, releases two wildly different (and free!) albums at once

Last we heard, Jeff Minter was kicking out tunes under the name Irene's March, but it looks like he's given up the nom de plum in favor of his real name and has released two new albums, an instrumental hip-hop-ish record and something closer to acid folk. Plus dogs and cats appear to be involved!

The sort-of hip-hop record, =, sounds like something you'd hear at a downbeat club in the early '00s. It's a slow burn, tossing in samples from a variety of places and never finding a climax through any of it. The two tracks both clock in at over ten minutes a piece and wind back and forth on the inside of those time markers, sounding more like a DJ's live set than a structured album. Still, as far as downtempo sampling is concerned, it hits the mark in a lot of those places.

Birdsong Before the Sun EP sounds a little closer to Minter's work with Irene's March, albeit with significantly less distortion and looping involved. Here, it's mostly Minter with an acoustic guitar and plenty of reverb. It was clearly recorded as raw as possible (you can even hear sirens in "Balled of the Burned") and as an aesthetic, it works.

You can stream or download both albums free on Bandcamp below.

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