Casselman's to reopen tomorrow after receiving suspension notice for liquor-code violation

Casselman's Bar & Venue, a live-music venue in the Ballpark neighborhood that's been open almost two years, is slated to reopen tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16, after getting slapped with a suspension notice for violating the Colorado liquor code. The spot, which has been closed since Saturday, will reopen just in time for its Green Dreams St. Paddy's Day show on Thursday, featuring Slim Thugz, Raw Russ, Fisk, Wyatt Lamond and Dialon.

Casselman's is just the latest spot to be hit with a suspension for liquor-code violations. Last week, Sputnik was closed, as was Carioca Cafe (Bar Bar), which was recently ordered to shut down for twenty days. The former reopened last Wednesday, and the latter has been allowed to spread its suspension days out rather than serving them all in a row.