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Neil McIntyre collabs with Kurtis Blow

It was all a dream. I used to read Word Up magazine... Right about now, Neil McIntyre can relate to the sentiments in the opening lines of "Juicy," as Biggie Smalls reflects on the framers/heroes that came before him. McIntyre, we just found out, traded verses with rap legend Kurtis Blow on a brand-new cut called "Magic Words," which will appear on Littleague's next record. Littleleague, for the unitiated, is the kid-centric hip-hop project McIntyre's been working on since his split from Yo, Flaco!. McIntyre proposed the idea of working together to Blow via Myspace, and to his shock, the rapper responded with his phone number. "He called my house," says McIntyre, and I geeked out like a little kid...'Uh, Mr. Blow?'" You can hardly blame him.