Freaky Friday: "He's Guilty" from Cop Rock

When we recall the great disasters of the past, certain names leap readily to mind. The Titanic. The Hindenburg. Cop Rock.

Yes, Cop Rock. If you're lucky enough to not recognize that last one, let us bruise your psyche for you. In 1990, hot off a few of the biggest successes in TV (Hill Street Blues, LA Law and Doogie Howser, M.D.) and, if we had to guess, under the influence of tremendous amounts of cocaine Steven Bochco had the brilliant idea to take a standard weekly cop/courtroom drama and do it as a musical.

You read that right. Like Law and Order, but with occasional outbursts of song.

Naturally, this blew up in his face and became one of the most notorious disasters in TV history. Just as naturally, that makes it perfect fodder for Freaky Friday fun. We've dug up a clip from the premiere that sees a jury finding a man guilty (and him pleading for clemency) in song. Enjoy, if that's the right word.