In honor of San-Diego Comic Con, here are the five worst comic related music videos

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing this weekend, with nerds, dorks and geeks combining forces to create a Mecca of awesome in California. While we're stuck at home twiddling our thumbs and reading, ahem, books, we found our minds returning to comics no matter what we did. So, in honor of this momentous occasion (SDCC, not the twiddling of our thumbs), we bring you a list of the absolute worst comic related music videos we know.

05. Entombed - "Wolverine Blues" We really don't have a whole lot to add to this particular video other than a question: do you think they got official Marvel licensing for this? We're guessing not. Anyway, if you'll excuse us we're going to go head bang to a picture of Wolverine in our parent's house now.

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04. Prince - "Batdance" Ever since Prince decided the Internet was dead, it's been a pain in the rumpus to find his content anywhere. Thankfully, some crazy French website is hosting this absolutely horrendous video for "Batdance." Look Prince, we love you and all -- but what the hell is this?

03. Will Smith - "Men in Black" What, you didn't know Men in Black was based on a comic book? That's too bad, because while you were thinking about that little factoid Will Smith's earworm just embedded itself in your skull. Enjoy the rest of your day while you wander around humming the tune from Men in Black.

02. Vanilla Ice - "Ninja Rap" To be honest, this list wouldn't have existed without this video -- it was the first thing we thought of when we thought of the words "comic book" and "music video." The best part about the whole thing is the behind-the-scenes part; we had no idea Vanilla Ice wanted to keep the "Ninja Rap" so "ice," we had no idea at all.

01. Luscious C and DJ Fist - "Watch It" You'll likely notice the VHS lines in this one right off the bat -- as if the music and clothes don't date it well enough. Either way, this is a nice combination of the stupidest song we could track down and the stupidest video. Enjoy!