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Magic Cyclops character is buried and reborn as cyborg named Magic Roboclops

We can't count the times Magic Cyclops has called it quits, but it looks like the bandana hero might officially be finished in its traditional form. But it's still not gone forever -- due to popular demand, Magic Roboclops has been born, a cyborg version of Magic Cyclops that struggles to understand its past and its place in the world. It's less a metaphor than you'd think.

"Magic was buried on the banks of the Mississippi in his home town of Davenport, Iowa in a shoe box containing a headband, CD and DVD for future generations to find," says the character now known as Magic Roboclops. "People got mad and sad, so he was dug up and brought back as a cyborg who stuggles with his memories of a past life."

For Magic, it had been a struggle in recent years, as the persona had stopped being funny to him, but as a staple of the Denver scene, nobody wanted to see it go. From the looks of it, this is a compromise that had to be made, both a way to keep the character fresh and new, and to appease fans. It's also rather reminiscent of what happened when Superman died, where four new heroes replaced Superman (including a cyborg Superman), before ultimately, the man of steel was officially resurrected. Here's to hoping we'll see four different iterations on Magic Cyclops, especially if one of them is a cloned, teenage boy.

Magic Roboclops will be making its first public appearance at the Surfside 7 in Ft. Collins on Thursday, August 25 as the "the world's first robotic Magic Cyclops DJ machine."