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Hip-hop and it don't stop: Joe Thunder's Mile High Madness release party

Wanna know what's cracking in the hip-hop scene in Denver, ask us. If we don't know, ask us anyway, and we'll get with our boy Joe Thunder. If we haven't heard about it, chances are, he has. Dude's plugged in and has his ear to the streets 24-7. For real. Have you seen his Mile High Madness DVDs? He shoots and produces them himself, and they're jam packed with graff flix, videos, interviews and freestyles from all the local superstars. Where can you cop one? Glad you asked. Tomorrow night at Denver Creative Co-Op Studios (DCCS at 425 Lincoln), the Box State ambassador is hosting a release party with American Trash Republic, Diamond Boiz, 800 the Jewell, Microphone Jones, Turner Jackson and more. If you're down with hip-hop in this town, this is the place to be this weekend.