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The Fray files suit against former manager

From Bill Joel to Trent Reznor, it's a well-worn story line: a shrewd business manager attempts to hoodwink young musicians under his charge, taking advantage of their inexperience and naivety for his gain, and gets away with it for a while before they know any better or realize what's happening to them. Such evidently appears to be the case with the Fray, whose principles filed suit against their former manager, Gregg Latterman, in U.S. District Court yesterday. In the suit, filed by Isaac Slade and Joe King, the songwriters allege that Latterman -- whose A-Squared Management firm represented the band -- through his company, which is listed as Gregg Alan Corp in the suit, collected additional earnings from their publishing without their knowledge. When the members signed their publishing agreement in 2005, Latterman was allegedly to receive only a one-time finders fee from EMI, but instead, according to a report filed by the Associated Press, ended up earning more than a half million dollars.