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Gogol Bordello's Acid-Spiked Vodka and Other Assorted Goodies

Here’s a selection of the best of last week’s music blogging from around the Village Voice Media empire:

My interest in Gogol Bordello is officially increased by a thousand percent after reading this review that compares the singer to Cousin Balki, from the ‘80s show Perfect Strangers, on a liter of acid-spiked vodka.

Mom, I told you video games aren’t always bad. This piece explains how Guitar Hero III lead the writer to a new way of experiencing music and new theories about groove.

Avenged Sevenfold’s right-wing, hardcore anthems are like those red, white and blue Toby Keith tunes, only for screamo metal fans. Maybe too many of this band’s shows is how Rush Limbaugh really lost his hearing?

Will vinyl finally get its revenge on CD for almost killing it?

The inside scoop on the Vegoose festival, and some thoughts about fist pumping vs. hip shaking that came out of the Daft Punk show there.

The everlasting hunger of rapper Freeway makes for a compelling read and an insightful glimpse onto the hip-hop world.

A lyrical, poetic piece about legendary, died-too-young band Silkworm, and Bottomless Pit, the band that evolved from the wreckage.

Find out in this review how Say Anything perfectly nails the formula for “MySpaceian emo-punk” via catchy tunes and unchecked narcissism.

An explanation of what kinds of songs are always bad, and the Rockies connection.

An excellent Afrikaa Bambata set review, complete with a brief history of his impact on modern music, in less than 500 words. -- Cory Casciato