Free Christmas music from Oh, Starling

The Chipmunks singing holiday tunes is funny -- one time, once a year. Other than that, Christmas music has the tendency to suck, grating on our ears as we converge on shopping malls and Starbucks, waiting for the snow that never seems to be coming. Luckily, local musicians Dan Craig and Jessica Sonner have come together as Oh, Starling for another season to offer ears a little relief with some festive (and not annoying) Christmas carols.

This holiday season, Oh, Starling is releasing an EP of Christmas favorites, and is offering up a free version of Hark (Hark the Herald Angels Sing), for your downloading pleasure. If you wish to purchase the full album, Noel, you may do so through iTunes and in turn Oh, Starling will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Scum of the Earth Church. You can also catch Oh, Starling tomorrow night at Meadowlark, as they come together with Jen Korte, Stephen Till and more friends to perform songs from Noel.