Matthew Moon Lands Song on Budweiser's Olympic Promo

All right, hands up: Who's eagerly awaiting the Olympics this August? [cue crickets] Yep. That's about what we figured. For the non-sportos -- and we're figuring that's you, otherwise, you'd be reading the Sports Guy or The Life of Reily right now -- the Olympics are about as riveting as watching the grass grow. Nonetheless, we'll be keeping a keen eye on Budweiser's upcoming promos, particularly since our boy Matthew Moon landed "Don't Change 4 Me," a tune he co-wrote with Danny Wilde from the Rembrandts and Jesse Valenzuela from the Gin Blossoms, on the spots. After the jump, in his charming, inimitable (read: customarily loquacious yet humorous) way, Moon recounts how the whole thing went down.

For any fellow songwriters and performers out there, I am sure you have heard of the notorious pile of demos and press kits that sits on the office floor of every A&R scout at a record label or publishing company. You may have even imagined a multi-colored, somewhat organized pile, comprised of press kits made with the same folder that you recently bought at Office Max.

This happens to be the same pile that brings to mind a particular key phrase, which is “Don’t even bother sending it, because it will get lost in the….pile”. I guess that had an effect on me because only once in my life have I ever sent out unsolicited material. I decided to see if what people were saying was true.


Oh well..back to my job at Spinnakers! It wasn’t even a major label either, just a rinky-dink label based in Podunksville! Even more depressing! Ugh!! I guess I decided early on that there might be a better, more efficient approach…but unfortunately I had no idea what that was (Mike Zildjian).

So, when I walked into NBC/Universal in Studio City, California, to pitch my song “Don’t Change 4 Me,” the door opened wide (Thanks Mike Zildjian!) -- well at least wide enough at first; it seemed to be caught on something -- and then I saw it… The Pile! It was so big it was blocking the door! There was no organization to it at all, just a big pile in the middle of the floor. There were no colorful press kits, just manila packages strewn about, all of them unopened. It was kind of like the Land of the Misfit Toys ala Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. If this were a pile of leaves, I would have dived right in! I was so blown away by the sight; I asked Mike if he wouldn’t mind snapping a photo with his amazing new camera phone

Strangely, it was very laid back and casual. No one was wearing a suit. Besides myself and Mike, there were five other people in the room, all of them in charge of choosing the music for different shows on NBC such as Heroes, The Office and Life. They ended up listening to seven of my songs and ultimately chose “Don’t Change 4 Me” for a Budweiser sponsored 2008 Summer Olympics Promo! I must give a huge shout out to my co-writers Danny Wilde and Jesse Valenzuela from two of my favorite bands, The Rembrandts and the Gin Blossoms. Danny played all the instruments and sang background vocals, which was amazing to see and hear. The drums were performed by my good friend Scott Kusmirek, current drummer for the GB’s (seven years and counting!) Wohoo! Scott was also the first person to say, “This song needs to be in the Olympics.” You rock buddy.

Sorry if this sounds like an acceptance speech, but one of my weaknesses is being thankful for what I have and letting the whole world know it!

Set that Tivo!

Much Love, Matthew

NBC airdates and times for the Budweiser promo:

Tuesday, June 17 12:30-1:30a Late Night with Conan O’Brien Friday, June 20 1:30-2:00 a.m. Last Call with Carson Daly Tuesday, June 24 11:30-12:30 a.m. Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday, June 26 12:30-1:30 a.m. Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Visit Matthew’s Myspace page for a sneak peek of “Don’t Change 4 Me,” which should be available on CD Baby next week and iTunes shortly after that.

In the meantime, Moon has graciously blessed us with the title track fromMy California, his latest EP, which we're of course passing along to you. If you dig what you hear, pick up a copy of the disc (only a thousand copies were pressed, he reports and they're going fast) or catch him at one of the dates below.


"My California"

"My California"

or stream the full track below.

Matthew Moon Live:

7/10 - Hot Sounds at the Pavilions with Wendy Woo! 7pm 7/13 - Children’s Hospital Benefit with Angie Stevens 7/16 - Lucky Joe’s in Ft. Collins

-- Dave Herrera