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Is Tennis (the band) the Tim Tebow of indie rock? Consider this side-by-side comparison

Last week, after the Tebuzz reached a fever pitch across the country -- with Jesus checking in with Timmy on Saturday Night Live -- and then culminated in a devastating loss by the Broncos to Belichick's boys here at home, we listened to the post-game analysis and the deflated reflections. Some talking head pointed out how Tom Brady spiking the ball was a frustrated reaction to being overshadowed in the media by Tim Tebow, a guy who hasn't accomplished nearly as much. Tebow has become a polarizing figure, really, through no fault of his own, he added.

As we considered this notion, with the image of Tennis -- another polarizing local figure -- performing this past weekend at the hi-dive still fresh in our mind, we noticed some striking parallels between the two and wondered: Is Tennis (due to celebrate the release of its new album, Young and Old, on Thursday, February 16 at the Bluebird) the Tebow of indie rock? Judge for yourself with this side-by-side comparison.

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