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Exclusive details on the new Danielle Ate the Sandwich album

As it turns out, the above Miley cover featuring members of Boulder Acoustic Society is a sign of things to come. Danielle Anderson is currently in the finishing stages of her third album and it will be nothing like the others. Details after the jump.

It's called Two Bedroom Apartment. Anderson explains via email:

The name of the album is going to be: Two Bedroom Apartment There is a song called "Two Bedroom Apartment" (about me being lonely and wanting my boyfriend to come home to me and my two bedroom apartment-WHAT'S NEW, RIGHT?) All of my songs are written in my Two Bedroom Apartment. Most of my life is lived in a two bedroom apartment. My apartment is my home, because the way I see it-home is where my stuff is. So without trying to be totally cliche and tacky, the title of the album actually has some meaning...some meaning about what a pathetic home-body I am.

Charmingly self-effacing, as always. Aiding her in delivering her message of solitude is a crowded party of collaborators. It's not just Aaron Keim and Scott McCormick from Boulder Acoustic Society playing "all kinds of weird instruments" and singing. There's also Dennis Bigelow, who has been her upright bass player at recent live shows, Chris Jusell on violin, and Carl Sorenson (of Andrea Ball, John Common and 200 Million Years fame) on drums.

They're recording at Macy Sound Studios here in Denver, which is a much different atmosphere than the space her previous two albums were committed to tape (that would be her two bedroom apartment). To pay for all this, Anderson is planning to auction off some memorabilia from her career-making Youtube videos. For all the changes, however, this will still be a Danielle Ate the Sandwich record.

It will be much different from my previous albums (because of all these instruments), but we're really trying to maintain the value of the song. I don't want the instruments to be overpowering. I want them to create a vibe, color and atmosphere. I don't want them to steal the show, because I still want it to be about ME-not just because I love being the center of attention, but because the songs are about me, from me, my stories...and adding too much stuff over that takes away from the kind of intimate, vulnerability that I think has gotten me this far. I still want people to feel like I'm singing to them, ya know?

Two Bedroom Apartment is tentatively scheduled for a July release. In the meantime, she's heading out to New York for three shows at the end of March. After that, you can catch her at a few shows in Fort Collins or, very strangely, at the Rockville Rec Center in Springdale, Utah on May 21st.