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Piece of Rainbow Music Hall lives on at Twist & Shout

Last month, we wistfully reflected on the final razing of Rainbow Music Hall, specifically, the iconic marquee that outlived the venue itself and served as a reminder of the early years of Denver music. As we remembered the many shows we saw there growing up, we became somewhat outraged that the sign had been torn down. It felt like an important part of our past had been unceremoniously erased without us even having a chance to pay our last respects. Fortunately, we've since learned thanks to a write up on the Twisted Spork, that a few gents, clearly far more enterprising than ourselves, took it upon themselves to reclaim part of that lost history by salvaging part of the sign, which now hangs proudly on display at Twist & Shout in the vinyl section. See a picture and read the account after the jump.

In April of 2009 Rick Shaw and Craig Keyzer noticed that the historic Rainbow Music Hall sign, which was supposedly protected, had been taken down. Hoping that it had only been disassembled and taken away for storage, Rick and Craig hopped the fence behind the vacant building on April 18th. The sign had been completely and utterly destroyed, a crumpled pile of twisted metal and plastic fragments. Taking a hacksaw, they were able to save the word "Hall" from the base plate of the sign (it had holes drilled for installing lightbulbs behind the yellow plastic letters) and only one complete yellow letter "L". They also collected as many broken yellow sign fragments as they could.