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Under a Blood Red Sky to help soften the blow of U2's postponment

Bummed out that Bono and his U2 compadres won't be at Invesco this weekend? Yeah? So are we. Luckily, we have Under a Blood Red Sky, Denver's trusty rusty U2 tribute band, which has pulled together a gig this weekend at the Hard Rock Cafe this weekend to help us forget that we're now going to have to wait another 360 and some odd days to experience the 360° tour we've been hearing all about.

Of course, there's nothing like the real thing, but this is about the next best thing. Billy, Jerry, Todd, and Ted (aka Bono, Larry, Adam and "the Tedge," respectively) have been channeling Bono and company for five years, since their first gig at the Paramount in 2005. Their crowning achievement came just a few years after forming when Under a Blood Red Sky got to play a sold out show at Red Rocks just like their heroes -- granted, it was as the opening act for Wedding Crashers, the final Film on the Rocks screening that year, but still.

Now Billy Bono (aka Bunting) and company are back to lift our spirits and help ease the letdown of knowing that U2 won't be in our zip code until next year. Tickets for this show are on sale now and available at or at the door for $10. All proceeds from the show will go towards Volunteers of America's Colorado branch.