Freeloader: Pictureplane's Fast to Black Latex Mix

My goodness Pictureplane's Travis Egedy is getting hard to keep track of these days. It seems like he's dropping new mixes as quickly as we can talk about them. This weekend another one appeared in the mystical Internet cloud courtesy of a magazine called Dis.

In typical Pictureplane fashion, the mix hops genres and artists like a dyslexic schizophrenic. At the moment you think you've figured out what's going on, he flips the whole thing over and jumps from a weird '90s infused trance riff to a darker goth beat before you even notice.

While we're always more interested in new music from local artists, the occasional mix tape is nice to hear. It's a window to their influences and style that we wouldn't get otherwise, especially in the case of Pictureplane: Here he gives us a glimpse at some of his roots and maybe some stuff that he just can't use in his own music.

MP3: "Fast to Black Latex" mix by Pictureplane