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Over the Weekend...Beach House, Papercuts, Future of the Ghost, Bad Weather California @ Hi-Dive

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Beach House, Papercuts, Future of the Ghost, Bad Weather California Saturday, March 22, 2008, Hi-Dive Better than: not much.

On the frigid, sloppy walk to the Hi-Dive, my friend John asked a question that had been renting some space in my mind of late. “When was the last time you saw a show that blew you away?” A good question, and not one that I thought would be answered as soon as I walked through the door on Saturday night.

Trying not to go overboard about Bad Weather California is going to be tough, but Jesus, way to steal the show as it’s just beginning. Chris Adolf and company played like a truly inspired rock band, no clicks and whistles, just straight up rock music. At this moment Bad Weather California are probably one of the best bands playing in Denver, and worth seeing any chance you get.

Picking up any of the energy that Bad Weather California left on the stage, Salt Lake City’s Future of the Ghost came out swinging. Much of the band's energy came from frontman Will Sartain who played like his body, and not his amp, was plugged into the wall. Using terms like “high energy,” and “rocking” would be easy, but also would be a disservice as there were so many elements at play. Future of the Ghost are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

At this point the night could’ve ended, and I would’ve been satisfied, but happily that was not to be. San Fransico’s Papercuts, which is a vehicle for songwriter Jason Quever, provided a nice transition from the earlier festivities to the sound that would close out the night. Combining the atmospherics of Sigur Ros, the Beach Boys, Papercuts filled the room with sound while Quever’s high falsetto floated like a ghost throughout the room.

Headliners Beach House have gotten a lot of press over the last two years. Alex Scally and Victoria LeGrand, create languid, ethereal pop music that sounds nostalgic, but somehow current. Live, the band was played a pleasant, if uneventful set. The band's slow fade to silence was a perfect end to the evening.

-- Jeremy Brashaw

Critic’s Notebook Personal Bias: Not a fan of white jeans, even if you wear a rhinestone jacket to go with it. Random Detail: Papercuts bassist Trevor Montgomery also records under the name Lazurus, and is worth checking out. By the Way: Future of the Ghost singer Will Sartain is a dead ringer for indie legend Steve Albini.